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General Partner

The Czech division of the Vodafone Foundation is the general partner of the Záchranka mobile app. Their support guarantees the continued existence of the Aplikace Záchranka, z.ú. non-profit organisation, ensuring the day-to-day management and further development of the app.

Main partner for implementing the Mountain Rescue service interconnectivity within the app

Main Partners

The Záchranka app would not be possible without these partners. Thanks to the support of Česká Pojišťovna, the Záchranka Web App was developed.

  Jihomoravský krajOracle 


Responsible for the professional quality of the Záchranka mobile app, their expert opinions form the basis for updates and the system’s further expansion.

ČRR horskasluzbaVodní zachranná službaAsociace společenské odpovědnosti ZZS JMK Life support

Health Education and Public Awareness

Raising public awareness of the Záchranka mobile app and its use in first-aid training is very important and so we are honoured to work with these partners in this area. Are you an organisation providing medical guidance or first-aid training? Why not support the Záchranka app by sharing information about it and how it can help in an emergency? We will be glad to send you promotional materials for your training programs. Get in touch via the Contact Us.

Media partner

Project Supporters

Every bit of help is welcome. We will display your logo on our site in exchange for help in promoting the app. The Záchranka app is for everyone, any one of us might need help when we least expect it so help us promote the app by placing a link on your website. For more information, get in touch via the Contact Us. </a

System Management and Development

The Záchranka app could not have happened without these partners, to whom we owe the app’s development, promotion and marketing. Our sincere thanks go these organisations.

X Production s.r.o.

General Partner

  • Nadace vodafone

Project Partners

  • Česká pojišťovna
  • Zdravotnická záchranná služba Jihomoravského kraje
  • Oracle