Data privacy

The Záchranka mobile app is the official EMS app used by the Czech Republic’s Emergency Medical Service. By accepting the app’s terms of use, you consent to the use of data for the purposes of this mobile app, and that any information voluntarily submitted to the mobile app system, entered either during the mandatory registration process or in the ‘My Profile’ section, will be used by the rescue services.

Mandatory registration constitutes the submission of your mobile phone number and full name. This data is then used to generate the registration code that is sent to the mobile phone number submitted. By entering the registration code in the app, the app is then activated and in the event of an emergency, the system’s own emergency messages are then able to be sent to the units of integrated rescue systems in the Czech Republic and Austria. Optionally-submitted entries constitute the submission of your email address and Social Security/Health Insurance number. Details: mobile telephone numbers, names, optionally-submitted Social Security/Health Insurance numbers and email addresses are stored in the database of EMS South Moravia. Users with an entry in the database are therefore viewed as registered with the Záchranka app system. Apart from email addresses, all stored data is not used in any other way.

By submitting your email address, you agree to its use for receiving newsletters (a maximum of 1 per month). Your email address may also be used for marketing purposes (such as targeted Facebook campaigns). Your email address will not be shared with or used by any third parties other than for purposes related to the Záchranka app’s activities to support the Czech Republic's Emergency Medical Services.

Users also have the option to add and edit the following health/personal information in the ‘My Profile’ section:

  • Year of birth
  • Address
  • Social Security/Health Insurance number
  • Native language
  • 2 next-of-kin contacts (phone numbers)
  • Health details by selecting YES / NO (diabetic, heart problems, lung problems, deaf, blind)
  • Add additional text further describing the user’s health (e.g. prescribed medications, allergies etc.)
  • Add additional text describing the user’s current health or temporary illnesses, current location or more in-depth info enabling faster user identification in the event of a rescue operation, with the option to set a time limit for automatic deletion of this data

All entered data is stored in the Záchranka mobile app and is only transferred when users deliberately press the emergency button in the ‘Alarm’ module. By pressing and holding the red button for 3 seconds, an emergency message is sent. It contains all data users have entered in their ‘My Profile’ section. The emergency message also contains a GPS location of the user based on the location of their mobile phone. The user’s mobile battery status is automatically included along with the transferred data.

The data is sent by secure data transmission or by SMS to the Information System of South Moravia EMS. Based on the GPS location contained in the emergency message, this information is then transferred to the relevant regional EMS. By sending data from a mobile phone to the South Moravia EMS system, user data then becomes part of the medical documentation and thus subject to the governing rules for these purposes, as described by law. Sending information in an emergency message is the equivalent to providing such information during a voice call to the 155 emergency line. The 155 emergency call is still, however, an integral part of activating the ‘Alarm’ button.

Social Security/Health Insurance numbers are used by the rescue services to retrieve user information that users may have stored in the ZDRAVEL electronic medical records system.

All transferred data is considered part of the medical documentation and may only be used in the context of a rescue operation or for the subsequent processing of anonymized data analysis and statistics by the rescue services.

The Mobile App’s General Terms and Conditions of Use: 

You can use the Záchranka mobile app to quickly contact the emergency medical rescue services. When you press the red emergency button, your exact location is sent and your mobile phone will dial the 155 emergency line. To send an emergency message with your exact location, you must first register your mobile phone number. You cannot send an emergency message with your exact location without prior registration. EMS is still contacted in the standard way as your mobile will automatically dial the 155 emergency line. The Czech Republic’s Emergency Medical Services have a legal obligation to respond only to emergency calls. To make a successful call for help, always wait for your phone to be connected with the emergency operator after pressing the emergency button. The emergency message only serves as additional information and is therefore not a substitute for making an emergency call. The contents of the emergency message are: your geographical location, your full name, your mobile phone’s battery status, and any other information entered in the app’s ‘My Profile’ section. By registering the app, you consent to sharing this information with the emergency rescue services when activating an emergency medical emergency call. The rescue services guarantee that such data will only be used in the event of activating an emergency call and only to identify and locate the patient during a rescue operation. Data will only be transmitted and shared with third parties (such as the Fire and Rescue services) for the purpose of rescue operations. Social Security/Health Insurance numbers may be used by EMS to retrieve information stored in the ZDRAVEL electronic medical records system. This data is used only when the caller is the actual intended patient. Emergency location messages are sent by data transmission or SMS. The data connection or SMS will be charged according to your mobile operator’s tariff. The user hereby acknowledges that the success of a rescue operation is influenced by numerous factors, and the length of the rescue units’ response times may vary depending on the location of the incident and other such factors. 


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