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When available, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can often play a vital role in basic emergency resuscitation.
An AED is a microprocessor-controlled device that can be used by both trained first aiders and ordinary members of the public. After turning it on, it immediately provides both visual and verbal instructions*.
During cardiac arrest, many people are affected by a life-threatening heart rhythm disorder known as ventricular fibrillation. AEDs deliver a controlled electrical shock (defibrillation) which can restore the patient’s normal heart rhythm.
Providing defibrillation 3-5 minutes after sudden cardiac arrest increases the probability of the patient’s heart rate returning to normal by 50-75%. All ambulances carry one but knowing where the nearest public AED is greatly increases the chance of early defibrillation before EMS arrive.

Both the Záchranka EMS app and this web portal provide access to the database of all publicly-available defibrillators in the Czech Republic. You can search for the nearest available AED – and further expand the database. In the event of someone collapsing, the 155 EMS operator can also tell you where the nearest AED is, based on the patient's exact location.

*NB: AEDs in the Czech Republic will most probably give instructions in Czech.  


Regional projects

This website also cooperates with regional projects focused on AED placement.

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