You can also use the Záchranka app when travelling abroad. Whether you're going to Austria, Hungary or the Slovak mountains, with the Záchranka app on your mobile, you will always be ready to contact the local emergency services, including sending your location and current health information. Plus, all of this without having to download and install further apps for whichever countries you’re travelling to or merely passing through.

Czech Republic: Nationwide coverage for both emergency and mountain rescue services.

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The app always adapts to the country you are in. It also automatically displays the Can’t Talk menu.

Simply tap on the emergency scenario icons to describe what has happened.
The foreign emergency services will then receive this information in their own language (e.g. in Hungarian),
thus reducing any initial language barriers when you’re in an emergency.

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  • Nadace vodafone

Project Partners

  • Česká pojišťovna
  • JMK
  • PAK
  • KVK
  • Zdravotnická záchranná služba Jihomoravského kraje